MODIS Cloud climatology.

This database is a pan-tropical 1km and 250m cloud climatology derived from the MODIS MOD35 Cloud Mask Product

The data represent the results of a research project carried out by Dr. Mark Mulligan at Kings College London.

The entire archive of tropical MOD35 data was analysed to derive annual average, monthly and diurnal statistics on cloud frequency at 1km resolution for the entire tropics and at 250m resolution for tropical land areas.

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[ will be available in December 2006]

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[ will be available in December 2006]

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For data distribution, the entire tropics are broken up into a series of tiles. Each of these grids contains a10 by 10 degree tile of approx. 1km resolution data.

Cloud frequency on average and by month and hour
[ will be available in December 2006]

We kindly ask any users to cite this data in any published material produced using this data. Citations should be made as follows:
Mulligan, M. (2006) MODIS MOD35 pan-tropical cloud climatology.Version 1. September 2006.
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