RALUCIAPA : Using Google Maps

RALUCIAPA is a land cover change alert system based on MODIS VCF and shows tree cover loss between 2000-2005 around protected areas from the WDPA 2007.  Red areas indicate tree cover loss. RALUCIAPA is good for identifying deforestation and forest plantations especially in the tropics, but produces ambigous results where agriculture is already present or in temperate environments. MODIS VCF can occasionally be subject to cloud contamination.  The original MODIS imagery is provided in the Google Earth versions for verifying the land cover change.

To use :

1. Zoom in by  dragging the map so that the crosshair overlies the point you wish to visit and then move the zoom control upwards (or click the RALUCIAPA max. zoom link). Note the max zoom level for the RALUCIAPA data : beyond this level of zoom the parks and forest loss data are not shown, leaving the underlying imagery only.  You may also use the drag-zoom feature activated by the magnifying glass beneath the zoom slider.

2. Alternatively, type the place or coordinate you wish to visit and click the "go to location" button or choose from the list of locations given and click the "go to choice" button.

3. Wait for the status bar at the base of the browser to indicate that all data have been downloaded and drag the map to view the distribution of parks and forest loss.