Modelling the impacts of climate and land use change on tropical water resources

This database provides information and data from the Tropical Hydrology and Cloud Forests Project.

The data represent the results of a research project carried out by Dr. Mark Mulligan at Kings College London and Dr Sophia Burke of AMBIOTEK and are derived from a variety of original data sources.

A pan-tropical water balance model was developed and the implications of historic forest loss in the tropical upland and lowlands examined. The implications of historic and scenario climates on water resource availability are also examined.

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You can find an interactive Google Earth Layer of downloadable GIS data and results from the project here

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For data distribution, the entire tropics are broken up into a series of tiles. Each of these grids contains a 1024 by 1024 km tile of approx. 1km resolution data. The data represent the results of a research project and are derived from a variety of original data sources. All data are in the Geographic Coordinate System, WGS84 datum and are distributed as zipped ARCASCII files.

DATA AVAILABLE (covering entire tropics, not only cloud forest areas)
allf - current tropical forest fractional cover (%)
forloss - fractional forest cover loss to date (%)
cf - current fractional cloud forest cover (%)
cfloss - fractional cloud forest cover loss to date (%)
unprotcf - unprotected remaining cloud forest cover (%)
cloud - annual average cloud frequency (%)
wprec - wind driven precipitation inputs (mm/year)
annevap - annual total evapotranspiration (mm/year)
annbal - annual water balance (wind driven rainfall minus evapo-transpiration) (mm/year)
sensluc - hydrological sensitivity to land use change (change in water balance per unit change in land cover fraction) (mm/%)

We kindly ask any users to cite this data in any published material produced using this data. Citations should be made as follows:
Mulligan, M. and Burke, S.M. (2005) Global cloud forests and environmental change in a hydrological context. December 2005.
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